Indian Jewelry Belly Chains Women Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Max Length 36.5 inches (b155)

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I love this bellychain. It's cute and classy. The workmanship is amazing (very solid) and I love that it's silver. The dragonfly charm is eye catching and it glams up any outfit. It was perfect at the beach and in the clubs. I can't wait for summer.

Body Jewelry Belly Chain in sterling silver, belly jewelry from India has sleek, simple, and stylish looks. Very popular with teen age and young women, waist chain is usually worn in summers. Body Jewelry Belly Chain goes very well with short tops and lowered trousers (or skirts). Some women also like to wear silver belly rings as belly button jewelry.

The English word (cummerbund) and the German (kummerband) for Body Jewelry Belly Chain are derived from the Persian Kamar, waist, and bandi, a band. The word is prevalent in most northern Indian languages. The immense popularity of belly chain body jewelry is evidenced by a large number of temple sculptures, frescoes and miniature paintings ranging from the Indus valley civilization till the nineteenth century. To gain the requisite flexibility, most silver belly rings or other forms of belly dance jewelry are made by chaining or threading together a large number of the dangling belly button rings. Often fine work is employed to gain elasticity. Buckles are apparently of the late Mughal or British origin. The most popular system for fastening used earlier comprised of dove-tailed hinges locked by piercing a pin through the two ends of the band in position. Often the locking device is covered with a decorative element.

What was once only belly dance jewelry is now part of every day fashion for women. Teen age girls or young women adorning their bare waist with dangling cute belly button ring is a common sight in metro cities in India (b155)