Bracelet Sterling Silver with Skulls

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Smiling skulls are the feature of this silver bracelet. Picked this up for a special gal christmas of 07... she's got a pretty decent level of rock in her blood; she absolutely loved it! may not be "expensive enough" if that's what matters to the person who's gonna actually rock this, but otherwise... 'tis perfect! I just got this yesterday, it is just beautiful! I got it for myself; it's a good price and the skulls look like Oingo Boingo mascots; my favorite band, so I thought why not? Treat myself.

The quality is not the finest I have ever seen, the way the skulls are attached is through quick sliver solder, but it is sterling. As long as you're not hard on it will last and the detail in the faces of the skulls and their smiles is very good quality; and for the price, how do you argue? I love it, and will wear it for a long time to come.