Hoop Earrings Gold Channel Set Round Coated Blue Topaz

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These small hoop earrings are crafted from gleaming 14 karat yellow gold and accented with six channel-set blue topaz stones. The round, faceted stones line the front of the earring, drawing attention with their sky blue color and pretty sparkle. Viewed from the side, the earrings have a broad surface of polished yellow gold; in back a filigree pattern adds a decorative touch. These earrings measure about half an inch long and fasten securely with a latchback closure. 
Gold Channel Set Round Coated Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings

These high quality well made earrings are smaller than a dime. The stones continue on the bottom of the earrings, but there are not stones inside the back (in other words they are not an inside/out design). Instead there is a nice scroll design on the backside of the loop.