Akoya Gold Cultured Pearl Necklace and Stud Earring Set

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Project radiance and sophistication in this gorgeous Akoya cultured pearl necklace and stud earring set. Lustrous round Akoya cultured pearls, with a diameter range of 6.5 to 7mm, are individually knotted on silk cord to form the 18-inch necklace. This classic pearl strand is finished with a fancy filigree clasp, in radiant and durable 14 karat yellow gold. The matching stud earrings also feature round 6.5-7mm Akoya cultured pearls, with 14 karat yellow gold posts and backings.

Akoya Gold Cultured Pearl Necklace and Stud Earring Set

These are fine quality round pearls, well-matched for size, shape and color, with light blemishing and a beautiful deep luster. Their color is white-rosé--in other words, white but with a slight rosy hue. Akoya cultured pearls are produced in salt-water mollusks in Japan and China. They were the first type of pearl to be cultured, back in the 1920s, and remain the most popular and classic choice for pearl strands. Akoya cultured pearls are prized for their smoothness, roundness, and gorgeous deep luster. Though they may look similar to freshwater cultured pearls, when the two are placed side-by-side, the Akoya pearl's superior qualities are clear.
A traditional pearl strand and matching pearl stud earrings are a versatile addition to any woman's fine jewelry collection. They will complement everything from a daytime professional outfit to an evening cocktail dress, and their timeless beauty ensures they will look as classy and elegant years from now as they do today.