Pearl jewelry set, 'Season of Love' 2.2" W 16.5"

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Colorful gemstones express the many moods of love as they surround a sterling blossom. Lilly Rahmann combines cultured pearls in a variety of shades with rose quartz and chalcedony. Showcased in a choker and earrings, their pastel tones radiate beauty. Handmade sterling silver beads reveal traditional Thai motifs. .925 rating silver Artisan Info: "My name is Lilly Rahmann and I was born in Bangkok. I started learning arts and crafts at the age of four. The primary school, secondary school, and college that I attended specialized in the arts and crafts.

When I was young, my father owned a ruby mine, a gemstone cutting factory, and a jewelry store in a gemstone mining area of Thailand. Each weekend, he would bring home rubies and gems to be graded. He'd ask me to help him grade his rubies because he knew that I loved the stones and I had a very good eye for quality. There were gemstones everywhere in the house. He would even fill the bottom of the aquarium with them instead of sand. "Once I graduated from high school, my father sent me to the famed Asian Institute of Gemmological Sciences to learn the properties of gemstones and how to separate the natural ones from the synthetics. I spent five years learning, teaching at the school and working in the gem laboratory where I acquired

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