Crystal Top White Culture Pearl Pendant Necklace & earrings Set in CAREFREE Sterling Silver

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Dress-up or dress-down and add a touch of elegance with this simple classical crystal top jewelry white cultured pearl earrings and pendant necklace set. A single white cultured pearl with excellent luster and high quality reflection is highlighted with a silver crystal top. The classic design makes this the ideal gift for any age on any occasion. The pendant features a 8-9mm pearl and comes with a 16" or 18" decent weighted (~ 2.5g) CAREFREE Sterling Silver chain. The earrings carry 8-9mm pearls on a fish-hook design earring back. This set is also available in natural peach and natural lavender pearl. * CAREFREE Sterling Silver is Rhodium plated which gives the highest resistance to tarnishing and also adds an expensive platinum look to our jewelry

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