Executive Clasp Silver Metal Tie Bars

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Executive Clasp Silver Metal Tie Bars
Show your attention to detail and make a defining statement with this staple of the executive world, the tie clip. This simple, yet practical silver tie clip will keep both you and your necktie in good standing. A good businessman keeps his tie in line with how he operates his business straight and in control.
This is a simple, plain, handsome tie clip. It's easy to place and grips just well enough to hold your tie in place in face of errant tugs and pulls as well as in high winds but it doesn't clamp so tight to mark or ruin one's more delicate ties made of materials like silk, etc.
The silver and gold clips are both basic and normal tones that you would want to go with everything of the like. Look them up. Great for the price and people can't tell what you paid for the clip as they retain their shine. Worth the price ten fold.