Beaded Anklet Foot Jewelry In Sterling Silver 61 gms. 10 " (anklet007a)

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Absolutely charming, the sterling silver ankle bracelet goes well with any casual dress for women, occidental or oriental. It is particularly suited for summers, when women love to wear sandals. The feet of Indian women are often adorned by these beaded ankle bracelets. Anklet chains are of two basic types, i.e. the stiff and the flexible.
The stiff anklets are either cast or fabricated by hammering sheet metal into the requisite shape. These anklets are patterned by the techniques of chiseling, engraving, threading, repousse, or granulation and wire work.
Beaded Anklet Foot Jewelry In Sterling Silver

On the other hand, the flexible anklets are made by close interlocking of separately made links, tied together either by using variations of the chain technique or by threading links together. Also known as Jhanjhar or Paijeb, these anklets are often further adorned by jingle bells. There is no better music to the years of a lover than the jingling sound arising from the steps of his beloved.
Ankle bracelet anklets in sterling silver. Anklet Size: Circumference 10 inches, Weight 61 gms. To be worn as casual fashion in spring and summer. Anklets Made by the artisans of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Shipped in 48 hours from Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, India.