Sterling Silver Faith, Hope and Love Rings Pendant by Bob Siemon, 24"

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Three hand crafted, sterling silver rings form this unique-looking pendant, each inscribed with the words "Faith," "Hope," and "Love," respectively. The piece's rough-hewn look gives it an artisanal and contemporary look that complements today's urban casual look. The 1/2-inch pendant hangs from a 24-inch bead-chain, making it suitable for wear by either sex, and it comes packaged in a blue, sueded-cloth pouch.
About Bob Siemon Designs
Founded in 1969 in Calabasas, California in a traveling circus wagon, Bob Siemon Designs currently employs more than 100 skilled professionals and artists. With a mission to spread a message of hope throughout the world by designing jewelry that inspires people to express and share their faith, Bob Siemon Designs specializes in pewter, sterling silver, and gold jewelry, and is now recognized as a leading designer of inspirational jewelry.

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