Titanium Ring comfort fit 7mm

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I purchased this ring for my husband. It is very nice looking and is true to size. It was a perfect fit. It's Titanium, therefore we expect it to be strong and outlast any previous ring he had. He works with his hands, so he needs something durable. The ring is beautiful and seems to withstand his physical job.

Titanium was first known as "Menachite", titanium was re-named 200 years ago by Dr. Martin H. Klaproth, who referred named it after thee giants of Greek mythology, the Titans. Its atomic number is 22, with the atomic weight being 47.9. Titanium is completely neutral to the human body and is frequently used in the medical field to replace heart valves, and bones. Because of its neutrality, it is also excellent for use as jewelry. Titanium is used in sports, industry, as well as having numerous medical applications. Aircraft grade titanium alloys are about 3 times stronger than basic steel, and approximately 45% lighter. They are much more durable than gold, silver, or platinum. Strength and resistance to wear are very important factors when it comes to wedding band jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime.

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